Overnight rates  |  One Dog

$40.00 / 24 hours

*includes all day activities

Overnight Rates | Two Dogs

$75.00 / 24 hours

*includes all day activities  

Overnight Rates | Three Dogs 

$105.00 / 24 hours

*Includes all day activities

Any stay over 7 days will receive 10% off their stay

15% off Military Discount

Note: All dogs receive a Complimentary Bath with a stay of 2 nights or more.

Overnight Rates | Three Dogs +

Why board here?

We cannot stress enough that we love all dogs here at Paw Paradise and we don’t want to rob you for allowing us to care for your pup. That’s why a full day of play is included in the overnight price. A tired pup is a happy pup. Here at Paw Paradise it is known that all dogs get the same amount of attention, no dog should ever feel left out. We are passionate about everything that happens here because it is also our home! That’s right the owners live on site so the dogs are never alone! 

Our daily routine 

Dogs are let out first thing in the morning followed by breakfast. As the pups comfortably digest for about an hour, a Paw Paradise loving staff prepares all four spacious yards for daycare and playtime. Then the fun begins! If your dog is friendly they will join our daycare group but no need to worry, if they prefer peaceful solitude with a member of our staff as company, we have what every dog needs. With 24/7 access to fresh water, toys, and anything else to make the day as fun and fulfilling as possible our furry friends swim, and chase each other throughout the day. Towards the evening the pups go in for dinner and again a nice hour for rest and digestion. back out they go before lights out where they sleep ever so peacefully in their climate controlled sleeping runs.

What to bring for my dogs stay?                                  Required Vaccines 

  • Enough food for the duration of their stay, plus a little extra! (Premium Kennel food available for $3.00/Day)
  • Any bedding you would like your dog to have (not required, we have plenty)
  • Any medication your dog will require

* Paw Paradise provides bowls for water and food during their stay so you can leave yours at home. Upon settling in, your pup will sit in front of toys and different size balls to choose from.

  • DHPP
  • Bordetella
  • Rabies
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