Why should you come to Daycare?

Do you have a dog that never gets tired? Dog Daycare may be the option for you. Paw Paradise provides an opportunity for busy parents to tire out their pup in a clean, safe and social environment. Allow your dog to run, sniff, and play all day here at Paw Paradise!!

Many dogs are left home alone all day while we are at work. Lack of interaction for long periods of time like this may lead to excessive barking, disobedience, and stress in dogs. An alternative to leaving your dog at home during the day is to enroll him or her in Dog Daycare. Dog Daycare provides an opportunity for your dog to improve on many key skills such as; Interaction, Socialization, Exercise, Training, and your piece of mind.

Your dog will do best attending daycare on a regular basis, and attending daycare on the same days each week if possible. This way, they can learn the rules of daycare and bond with their Playgroup Leader. We are able to develop in depth knowledge of your dog’s personality and normal behavior. We will know immediately if your dog is acting different or is ill. Your pooch will also make new best friends, and enjoy seeing them every week!

Paw Paradise accepts all dogs!! Daycare is a stimulating environment that can be made right for every dog. During your dog’s evaluation day we will determine if Paw Paradise group play is the right fit. If it doesn’t work out with any of our Playgroups, it in no way means your dog isn’t friendly or well behaved. It simply means she or he prefers to be alone and have space soaking up the sun or playing fetch with one of our staff. No matter what the issue, we can find a way to fit your pups needs. We are limited on space so call and reserve your pups spot today!

1 Day- One Dog

$34 for 12 hr. day

$19 for 6 hr. day

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5 Days- One Dog

$150 for 5 full days

10 half days

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10 Days- One Dog

$272 for 10 full days

20 half days

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20 Days- One Dog

$544 for 20 full days

30 half days

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1 Day- Two Dogs

$34/1st Dog

$26/2nd Dog

Half Day Rates

$19/1st Dog

$15/2nd Dog

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5 Days- Two Dogs

$272 for 5 full days or 10 half days

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10 Days- Two Dogs

$532 for 10 full days or 20 half days

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20 Days- Two Dogs

$1,064 for 20 full days or 30 half days

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A Bath and Blowout before you pick up?!

Take advantage of our Bath and Blowout Package!! If your dog comes to play for the day here at Paw Paradise we can offer 10% off our Bath and Blowout Package before you come to pick up your pup.

What our friends are saying

Paw paradise is amazing. I have been taking my dog Tobi there for over 1 1/2 Years and my only regret is not finding her sooner. I have been extremely unimpressed by other larger well known daycare/boarding facilities with staff who barely know the difference between a chihuahua and a Great Dane. Lori and her staff are amazing. They know dogs and seem to really care about the dogs they care for. They pay extra attention to each dogs temperament and know how to handle them (even my crazy hound). My pup looks forward to every visit and comes home both tired and content. This review is long overdue, but I joke that I want to keep her my little secret. Thanks again Lori for genuinely caring for my furry family member.

Matt L.- Yelp Review

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