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Programs and Prices 

2 Week Obedience Camp 

 Life can be busy and our beloved furry kids don't always get the training they need. We know they get all of the love they need, but like any kids (furry or not) structure and rules need consistency. We are a home-based facility and completely family owned. ‚ÄčOur 2-week program consists of basic obedience, house manners, leash manners, socialization, public skills, minor behavioral problems and off leash recall. Private or Group Daycare included and please don't hesitate to call for details or pricing! CONTACT

3 Week Behavior Modification  

The 3 Week program is compatible for dogs displaying; lunging, leash reactivity to dogs and or humans, among many other behaviors. We do believe a lot of these behaviors are learned habits, frustration or confusion more than real aggression. Like the other Boot Camps strong obedience will play a major role in maintaining a healthy relationship with your dog. All of our basic obedience, house manners, leash manners, socialization, public skills, and off leash recall, we focus on all aspects of the behavioral side to get the well-balanced dog you have always wanted. Private or Group Daycare included! CONTACT

4 Week Severe Behavior Modification 

This 4 week program is for more severe cases of human and or dog aggression, separation anxiety, history of biting, trying to bite, resource guarding with no backing down, or fighting with other dogs. We dedicate the time to get to the root of these issues. Obedience is also very important, learning all the basics, house manners, leash manners, socialization, proper public participation, off leash skills and much more along the way. There is also therapy to this program, or rehabilitation. Dogs with such severe issue need time, patients and dedication to retrain their brain and learn how to manage these behaviors. Private or group Daycare included! CONTACT