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Programs and Prices 

Puppy Prep And Train 

8 to 14 week old pups receive two weeks of our in house potty training program and learn basic commands. Then return for a remaining two weeks to finish all house manners, leash manners, socialization, proper public interaction and off leash recall. 


obedience camp 

Pups who missed solid foundation young  will fall into the Four Week category. All basic obedience, house manners, leash manners, public manners, socialization, off leash recall are taught during this time (A Three Week option is available for dogs who have knowledge of basic obedience and social kills)

3 week - $2,700.00

4 week- $3,600.00

Behavior Modification  

The 6 Week program is compatible for dogs displaying; severe separation anxiety, resource guarding, possessiveness, lunging, leash reactivity to dogs and or human, among many other behaviors. We do believe a lot of these behaviors are learned habits, frustration or confusion more then real aggression. Like the other Boot Camps strong obedience will play a major roll in maintaining a healthy relationship with your dog. All of our basic obedience, house manners, leash manners, socialization, public skills, and off leash recall, we focus on all aspects of the behavioral side to get the  well balanced dog you have always wanted.